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Rhythm beads- a stunning addition to your riding. A string of beads and bells that chime as your horse moves allowing you both to find a natural rhythm. The sound is also said to help a spooky horse to focus more and can help wildlife and other people to hear a barefoot horse approaching. You can have any colours you like so match your horse, your tack, or just your favourite colour! All of my sets of beads come with a clasp which makes putting them on even head-shy horses not a problem! I also have lots of different charms or colourful beaded tassles to choose from to go on the bottom- the charm, bells, beads, clasp and postage are all included in the price of £8.95.... i also make more intricate sets with multiple charms up the length of the beads so that you can have charms that symbolise things personal to you , i also have silver letters so spell your horses name! from £10.95 feel free to find me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/holly.a.dorr and have a browse through my album for previous designs and ideas

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