Anky Classic Dressage Saddle

Asking Price:£550.00
Category:Tack - General
Condition:Used - Very Good

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Anky Classic Dressage Saddle Black Leather 17" Medium Wide Fit

This is a lovely saddle & it is with great regret that I’m selling it. , it no longer fits my

horse, and we don’t compete now anyway.

From the GFS (Fieldhouse) range of dressage saddles developed by the

worlds leading dressage rider, Olympic gold medalist and world champion

Anky Van Grunsven. Combining balance, beauty and comfort. Anky dressage

saddles are designed to enhance the rider’s ability to effectively use the three

classical communication channels that flow between horse and rider. They

feature a non restricting seat to allow clear seat aids, minimal bulk through

the panel and flap to encourage precise leg aids and superior balance plus

independent, soft rein contact.

These are now about £1600 new, so an absolute bargain.

Location is IP7 - a few miles outside Ipswich

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